Ways you can help with our school projects.

AddYouCation would like to establish a strong network of supporters and open doors to education for children together. Here, there are many possibilities.

For example, the teaching materials for biology, chemistry and physics are outdated. The school does not have the money to buy new posters or books for the girls. Who can help? We encourage companies and individuals to help us: Become a sponsor. Help AddYouCation get the girls access to a better education!

Moreover, the schools here in Germany are in an ideal position to nurture education projects. School initiatives reach many children, adults and political representatives in the region. They also provide the opportunity to collect donations. Please send us an e-mail if you would like to do anything for the school. We look forward to your contribution.

Our T-shirts are another way to help

We have 100% cotton, white AddYouCation T-shirts for women, men (28 €) and children (23 €). Buying a T-shirt supports our work. 50 % of the price goes directly to the school projects in progress. Interested in a T-shirt? You can order one using the link on the left. Prices include delivery charges.