We want to get things moving. So that
children can go to school.

  • Prof. Gunter Henn

    Prof. Gunter Henn

    Board Chairman

    Has led the international architectural consultancy, HENN, since 1979. He is committed to education because it opens the door to a dignified life.

  • Werner Sonnleitner

    Werner Sonnleitner

    Board Member

    Heads the business department at HENN and is an AddYouCation founding member. He became familiar with Africa during numerous visits to the continent.

  • Ute Barzel

    Ute Barzel

    Board Member

    has been a member of AddYouCation for 10 years and she’s been a board member since 2018. She was convinced from the beginning of the school project in Ghana because all the donations directly benefit the school.